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TAID (Teaching Artists Identifying with a Disability)

Enabling Growth, Empowerment, and Advocacy for Disabled Teaching Artists and Educator

Join us over Zoom on the third Wednesday of every month to share resources, build community, and discuss the role of disability in the classroom. Only one registration is required.
Topics that we are aiming to have discussions on for this year include:
January Introduction to 2022 and Disability in the Media 
February  Intro to Professional Development led by Katie Cummings and Mary Stone
March Discussion about Headcanon Characters
April  Panel Discussion with Disability Theaters Nationwide
May Disability Scavenger Hunt
June TAID Share Your Art
July Share a Lesson 
August Discussion about Creating Art Together
September Connections Between Disability Justice and Teaching
October Advocating in the Academic Classroom for Arts education 
November TBA 
December  Celebration of the Year

This group is open to teaching artists, classroom teachers, and other educators who identify with a disability*. LGBTQ+ individuals, BIPOC, and other educators of marginalized identities are welcome. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated. 
*Our definition of disability is very broad and we welcome anyone with any sort of disability (mental, cognitive, physical, neurodevelopmental, acquired, sensory, and more). This also includes anyone who is in the process of receiving a diagnosis, self-diagnosed, or questioning how they relate to the label of disabled. 
If you have questions or are interested in taking on a leadership role in the group, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!
Accessibility Information: 
We provide live captioning, audio descriptions throughout the meeting, and visual agendas. ASL interpretation and other access needs can be provided upon request.  Please email katie@pinkumbrellatheater.org for any access needs.  

About Us

TAID (Teaching Artists Identifying with a Disability) is a group by and for disabled teaching artists, teachers, and educators. Founded in 2020 by three Pink Umbrella Theater Company teaching artists, the goals of TAID are: 

  • To allow our members to enrich ourselves professionally and personally through the practice of mutual support and care

  • To share knowledge and resources among disabled educators to help us succeed in the classroom despite systemic barriers encountered by disabled educators

  • To ensure more disabled educators enter and remain in the fields of education and arts education. Lack of support is cited as a key reason these talented educators do not enter or remain in the field.  

  • To build strong community, professional networks, and a culture of empowerment among disabled educators

Meet The Founders