A Note from the Founder...

For over 20 years as a professional theater artist, I’ve worked on stage, behind the scenes and my greatest accomplishments have been as a teacher working with students who identify with a disability.  Over the years, I've taught hundreds of students and one in particular, Emily, showed me to look at the world through her lens. Emily's version of the world was full of words, sounds, lights and most importantly, laughter.  She left an imprint on all that knew her, and while she is no longer with us, her unique perspective drives the mission statement of our company.

Pink is in honor of her, hair-bows and all.   

In April 2018, I attended THE BIG UMBRELLA symposium, hosted by Lincoln Center Education, in New York City.  These four days changed the course of my artistic path and lead to the decision to form the Pink Umbrella Theater Company. While there, I was quite literally immersed in a new form of theater created for those with autism and other differing abilities.  Insight into what is emerging in theater for this population across our nation and the ocean ignited the desire to create a company focused on inclusion and sensory experiences in Milwaukee.  

Pink Umbrella Theater Co. is the first of its kind in Milwaukee.  Our classrooms host a room of diverse disabilities where actors are supported, encouraged and engaged.  We set out to be the first professional theater company hiring individuals who identify with a disability and together we will create a space that is inclusive, accessible and creative where all are welcome.   

Come as you are! There is a spot waiting for you under the umbrella!



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