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About the name....

Pink Umbrella Theater was a spark of an idea in April 2018.  After working with emerging artists with disabilities for several years, three major factors collided in a timespan of a few days and Pink Umbrella Theater was created. 


PINK is in honor of Emily.  The world through her lens was full of words, sounds, lights and most importantly, laughter.  She left an imprint on all that knew her, and while she is no longer with us, her unique perspective drives the mission statement of our company. She showed up every week with a new hair-bow, pink being her favorite. 

Pink is in honor of her, hair-bows and all.   

UMBRELLA is an homage to the THE BIG UMBRELLA symposium, hosted by Lincoln Center Education, in New York City.  The first of its kind, theater companies from across the nation and the globe shared their work focusing on inclusion and sensory experiences.   

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Proud Members of

       TYA/USA     Milwaukee Theater Alliance    Imagine MKE

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