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Emily has her blond hair pulled up in a pony tale with a crown of pink butterflies. She is smiling.

Em's Ensemble
a scholarship fund

Em's Ensemble Scholarship Fund was created to honor Emily Kellner and her love for theater, writing and finding 'home.'  We encourage all who believe they are artists or are looking for a place to belong, to apply if finances prove to be a barrier to participation. 

The scholarship program is need based.  If you need it, fill out this form after you register for class.  We ask that you contribute what you are able and we will cover the rest. 

Past Poets & Performers

Learn all about them below!

Not Listed: Becca McVey (performer), Jason Christopherson (performer),

Kathleen Boinski (performer), Stephanie Stanislawski (performer),  Tom Stanislawski (performer)

Event Resources

Social Story

Read through the event's Social Story to prepare for what to expect!

Visual Agenda

Check out the Visual Agenda for a short overview of the event

About Em...

Emily was a bundle of everything all at once.  She could share all of the thoughts in her head in a single breath, hiccup and then share more.  Emily was a writer, a poet, a leader, an artist and a friend.  The joy emanating from Emily could fill the room and those fortunate enough to work with her.  She reminded us to bounce, not trudge, down the hall to work or play.  She was eager and engaged, light and love, laughter and anxiety, strength and fear, and smart and full of sass.  


Emily was everything an artist should be and found theater as a place where she belonged.   In her short time on earth, Emily taught us to live life to the fullest in spite of anxiety, fear and worry.  She taught us to speak our truths, to share our talents and to giggle until you can't breathe anymore.  She wrote once, "I hope that wherever I go, you will not forget about me."  

Her mom, Dawn, created the scholarship to ensure that even those she never met, will never forget.  

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