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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Commitment

At Pink Umbrella Theater we strive to respect, recognize and protect our differences. This document is a starting point; a place to reference, to hold accountable, and to create and envision the current and future culture of Pink Umbrella Theater.


An ARAA (Anti-Racism, Anti-Ableism) Committee was formed in 2020 and meets on a continuous basis. This committee created the ARAA documentation for the company and will also hold the company responsible.

Pink Umbrella Culture

At Pink Umbrella Theater we strive to respect, recognize, and protect our differences. To do this we will….

  • Establish a culture of consent, transparency, and abundance that makes the invisible visible and is unconditionally welcoming.

  • Encourage authenticity and self-advocacy.

  • Ensure that wherever we gather, authentic representation is present, visible and achievable.

  • Engage in the ongoing work it takes to create an anti-racist, anti-ableist, and anti-oppressive culture.

It is our intention that our culture embraces freedom and creates possibility for each participant to be their authentic self.

Click on the image below to download our full commitment.

Pink Umbrella Theater

Pink Umbrella Theater's Ongoing Commitment
We acknowledge that this is just the beginning. Our work to create an environment where all feel welcome, honored and respected is unending. We will continue to educate ourselves, erase our learned biases, check our privilege (when applicable), admit our mistakes and work together to do better. In essence, we will honor, love, support, encourage, value, include, amplify, learn, engage, understand and bolster each other through our time together under the umbrella.

We make this commitment alongside our national colleagues at TYA/USA

Red background with white lettering of TYA which stands for Theater For Young Audiences.

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network created a toolkit entitled Fighting for Fairness: it starts with you!  More information on this topic can be found on their website.

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