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Sensory Friendly Consulting

Pink Umbrella Theater Company provides customized consulting and training services that are informative, inclusive,and interactive to help your organization gain the tools needed to create a sensory friendly environment of inclusivity, support, and accessibility. Together, we will create spaces that are inclusive and accessible for all.

Photo Credit: KIDS from Wisconsin

What We Believe

  • That opportunities and experiences should and must be accessible to all individuals

  • Disability should NOT be a barrier

  • In providing a platform to amplify the voices of individuals who identify with a disability and their families

What A Session Looks Like

  • Fully customizable for your organization to help create an accessible and inclusive environment for all

  • Training, tools, and support shared with you and your team throughout the consulting process

  • Guidance on how to create sensory friendly spaces at your event, performance, or in your office space

  • Trained Pink Umbrella Staff to provide support at your event/performance who are aware of best practices for communication and social interaction for individuals on the Autism Spectrum and with sensory sensitivities

  • Support and guidance in creating an environment that is structured to consider sensitivities and triggers that can contribute to sensory overload for individuals on the Autism Spectrum and with sensory sensitivities

A musician with silver hair shows their woodwind instrument to a young person with dark hair wearing a black shirt with a purple heart on it.

Photo Credit: Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, cr. Jonathan Kim

Sessions Offered

Disability & Inclusion

Understanding Neurodiversity/Disability 101

Neurodiversity/Disability Sensitivity and Safety Training

Teacher Toolbox: Working with Neurodiverse Students in Your Classroom

Participants will gain an understanding of Neurodiversity, exploring and defining the disability categories that fall under the Neurodiversity umbrella. In the training participants will be introduced to the strengths, challenges, and unique perspectives neurodiverse individuals bring to the world. Throughout the training we will learn about and challenge misconceptions about neurodiversity and disability because only by changing the narrative can we create opportunities and possibilities for ALL individuals.

At the end of the training you will:

1. Gain a basic understanding of Neurodiversity and Disability terms and definitions

2. Explore a Strengths Based Positive Lens of Neurodiversity and Disability

3. Identify common misconceptions about Neurodiversity and Disability

Participants will explore sensitivity
tips and tools as well as safety tips and tools that will aid in supporting individuals who are
neurodiverse in your classroom, theater, or community setting.

At the end of the training you will:

1. Gain an understanding of Sensory Sensitivities and Sensory Overload

2. Learn Tools to keep individuals safe if they are experiencing Sensory Overload
3.  Explore Communication Difficulties and effective ways to handle communication breakdowns
 4. Understand the Importance of Routine and Predictability

In this training you will learn about and explore best practice teaching tools to accommodate and create a safe, supportive, and accessible spaces for neurodivergent students in your classroom. You will leave the training with teaching strategies that benefit neurodivergent students as well as neurotypical students in your classroom.

At the end of the training you will:
 2. Learn how to meet ALL students where they ARE  

3. Learn how to use Intentional Language when working with Neurodiverse students

4. Learn the Why and How of Modeling Behavior and Directions

5. Learn how to Create and utilize Visual Resources

6. Learn how to Use Social Narratives in the classroom
 7. Learn Effective Classroom Strategies to keep Neurodiverse students engaged


Creating Sensory Friendly Theater

Pink Umbrella Theater: Creating Accessible Theater for All

How to Adapt Movement/Dance in the Inclusive Classroom

Participants  will look at creating stage productions from the conception with accessibility and inclusion at the forefront of the creative process.  Combined with our Disability 101 training, participants will be set up for a successful, accessible production. 

Learn more about how Pink Umbrella came to its existence and the lessons we've learned about creating accessible theater for actors, artists and audience members who identify with a disability.  

We will share our successes, challenges and how to build the plane while it's flying.

Join Molly Kiefer in a journey of making any type of movement accessible. She will share definitions of access and ableism combined with best practices for working with all bodies, brains and hearts in the classroom.

Pink Umbrella's Katie Cummings and Mary Stone are standing on a stage presenting on Disability.

Photo Credit: KIDS from Wisconsin

Who We've Worked With

Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin (WI)

Black Arts MKE (WI)

Eastcastle Retirement Community (WI)

Hometown Theater (NY)

KIDS from Wisconsin (WI)

Milwaukee Ballet (WI)

Milwaukee County Zoo (WI)

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (WI)

Renaissance Theaterworks (WI)

United Way (WI)

Utah Shakespeare Festival (UT)

Audience members raise their hands in applause. Musicians on stage are standing and also raising their hands in applause

Photo Credit: Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, cr. Jonathan Kim

Testimonials from Partners

Black Arts MKE

"We were honored to partner with Pink Umbrella Theater Company. As Black Arts MKE continues to grow and blossom into the beautiful inclusive platform that it is, we embrace beings from every walk of life. This year Pink Umbrella Theater Company graced us with sponsorship for our kickoff Milwaukee Black Theater Festival: Youth and Family Night. Long story short, it was a HIT! So many parents, family, and friends thought it was a wonderful touch that brought a sparkle to the night creating a safe space for children and families to go as a cool down, yet fun location as part of the festivities for the evening. Molly and Rebekah were the sweetest greeting everyone with smiles and a strong support system to continue to live out both, Pink Umbrella Theater Company and Black Arts MKE missions."

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