About Us

Creating Accessible Theater for All

Pink Umbrella Theater Company is dedicated to providing a platform to amplify the voices of Disabled Artists ages four through adult. 

As we continue to grow, we are eager to listen and respond to our community in real time and make sure needs are met to create a space that remains safe, so the best of ourselves can be brought to the classroom and stage. 


Founded in September 2018, Pink Umbrella Theater is a fully inclusive theater company working alongside 70+ actors ages four through adult.


Teaching artists, trained in theater and special ed, use the following pedagogy in our classrooms and rehearsal halls:

  • Presume Competence

  • Allow for Processing Time

  • Maintain Flexibility

  • Encourage Advocacy

These four tenets create a safe, nurturing environment for all to thrive!



Our programming is developmentally appropriate as artists grow.  We work hand in hand with families and caregivers, to ensure a successful session with actors and artists ages four through adult. 


Our core curriculum is theater (Musical Theater, Acting, Improvisation, etc) and through theater focus on enhancing social skills, emotional recognition and expression and build the theater tools of body, voice and imagination.  Pending the age group, class sizes are no more than 10 with at least two teaching artists in the room. 


Pink Umbrella Theater Company was founded on the premise that theater is accessible for all.  Disabled artists have a space to come together, to create, to teach, to learn and to express themselves through theater. 

There is room for you,
Under the Umbrella.


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