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(Bizarre Intrusive Thoughts)

a Staged Reading
by John Van Slyke

About BITh

BITh (Bizarre Intrusive Thoughts) is a play for five adults of varying ages and genders. The audience is invited into Dee's home while Dee and three intrusive thoughts, also named Dee, detail the physical, mental and emotional challenges of an undiagnosed anxiety disorder. As Dee's inner life tangles with the external, Dee fears for the relationship with their neighbor, O.  

Weaving heady issues with playful language, BITh uses music, storytelling,  shadow puppetry, and lip-syncing to navigate Dee's (Dee 2-4, as well) changing world and mind--and a battle with something known as The Shadowman. BITh is intended for preteen-adult audiences.

This production is part of World Premiere Wisconsin, a statewide festival celebrating new plays and musicals running March 1 – June 30, 2023, presented by the Ten Chimneys Foundation. To learn more visit

Audition Information

BITh will be holding Zoom auditions on March 18th from 3 PM - 5 PM. Auditionees must be 18+ due to the topics covered.

BITh has several roles should be played by actors who identify with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and/or identify as neurodiverse. However, all are encouraged to audition!

Rehearsals for BITh will take place April 10th - April 20th in the evenings, both on Zoom and in-person. The Staged Reading itself takes place on April 22nd at 3 PM in Milwaukee. This is a paid opportunity of $200

Interested? Sign up for an audition using the button below!

Show Information

The Staged Reading of BITh (Bizarre Intrusive Thoughts), written by John Van Slyke, will occur on April 22nd, 2023 at 3 PM Central Time at the Bradley Symphony Center in Milwaukee.

Tickets are limited to 25 individuals due to the size of the performance space. Hurry before tickets run out!! Click the button below to register for tickets!

World Premiere Wisconsin Digital Passport

Information & Instructions

WPW launched a free, mobile-exclusive digital pass that allows you to check-in at theaters, redeem optional discounts, and earn points for rewards and swag all while supporting amazing local theater!!

Download Instructions

Head to the WPW website and sign-up for a passport using an email and phone number. You will receive a link to your passport.

Check-In Instructions

When you arrive at the Bradley Symphony Center for BIT(h), open your Digital Passport. Simply click "Check-In" when prompted, or enter Pink Umbrella's unique pin: 0918

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