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BITh 2024

BITh (Bizarre Intrusive Thoughts) RETURNS!

Join Pink Umbrella Theater once again as we watch Dee battles the challenges of OCD and the resulting anxiety. It's a journey of discovery and friendships with others and with the self.

From it's sold-out show as a staged reading as a part of World Premiere Wisconsin, we are thrilled to imagine BITh in full, play format.

About BITh

BITh (Bizarre Intrusive Thoughts) is a play for five adults of varying ages and genders. The audience is invited into Dee's home while Dee and three intrusive thoughts detail the physical, mental and emotional challenges of OCD and the resulting anxiety. As Dee's inner life tangles with the external, Dee fears for the relationship with their neighbor, O.  

Weaving heady issues with playful language, BITh uses music, storytelling,  shadow puppetry, and lip-syncing to navigate Dee's changing world and mind--and a battle with something known as The Shadowman. BITh is intended for preteen-adult audiences.

Audition Information

Pink Umbrella Theater Company is seeking five actors for BITh - a play. All actors must be 18 or older, and it is preferable that they identify with OCD and/or anxiety.

Audition Info

Saturday, February 3rd

10 AM - 12 PM (central time)

on Zoom

This is a paid gig. Rehearsals will take place from April 1st - May 1st

(Mondays - Thursdays) in the evening. Performances will take place May 3rd - 5th in Milwaukee.

Show Information

We are thrilled to be able to take BITh from a staged reading to a full-fledged play. BITh details the physical, mental and emotional challenges of an undiagnosed anxiety disorder.

This event is recommended for preteen to adult audiences due to subject matter

Performance Dates:

Friday, May 3rd at 7 PM

Saturday, May 4th at 2 PM

Sunday, May 5th at 2 PM

All performances take place at the Brick House in Milwaukee

Check back soon to purchase tickets!

Meet the Cast and Crew!

Playwright: John Van Slyke

Directors: Katie Cummings & Reva Fox

Costumer: Kristina Van Slyke

Accessibility Ally: Lakita Madlock

Stage Managers: Orly Borland & Nick Flanery

Set Designer: Katie Lindgren

Cast...coming soon!

In the News

Check out these two short stories by Mike Fischer, World Premiere Wisconsin Festival Journalist, about our original, staged reading of BITh and other exciting shows that happened the same weekend!

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