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Digital Donation Drive

Matching Challenge Grant made possible by the

Silverstein Family Charitable Fund

November 2, 2020

Dear Friends of Pink Umbrella Theater,


In September, Pink Umbrella Theater Company celebrated our second anniversary.  Along with the rest of the nation, 2020 has brought many challenges to our young company. I'm not here to tell you that in the face of these challenges tantrums haven't been thrown, tears haven't been shed and naps haven't been taken. But, this two year old company got up, wiped those tears of frustration and uncertainty with the back of our hands and got to work. In a lot of ways, we've already survived our 'terrible twos.'


In March, when the world stopped, we went virtual.  Terrified and unsure, we set sail in this new uncharted "Land of Zoom" and teaching artists and students from across the nation didn't hesitate to come together to create theater, virtually.  We found a way to connect and tell our stories and silver linings are found everywhere...


One of our students, reluctant to volunteer for solos in-person, is the first to volunteer to sing solos online.  Another student, unable to attend in-person classes due to transportation issues, rolls into class three times per week and shares her gifts with her classmates.  Numerous students have spent hours with teachers in one-one coaching sessions honing their craft.  Sometimes our evening classes last longer than they should because 'goodbyes' need to be shared with everyone in the room until we meet again. 


Community, connection and creation is happening every day in this brave new virtual space.   


Susie and Cary Silverstein, along with all of you, are a part of this adaptation in real time.  We are excited to announce that once again, the Silverstein Family Charitable Fund has issued a $10,000 matching challenge grant in an effort to “Keep the Umbrella Open.”  From November 1 to December 1, 2020, every dollar, up to $10,000, raised will be doubled by this matching gift.  Together, with your continued support, students, teachers and volunteers will continue to create accessible theater for all.  


We are honored to receive this much needed gift and welcome you, your friends and your family to join the Silverstein Family Under the Umbrella. 


The entire company applauds you for your continued support,


ps...If you missed our Kick Off Event yesterday, this link will take you there for Shakespeare, singing & more!

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