Silverstein Charitable Family Fund

Challenge Grant

October 21, 2019

Dear Friend of Pink Umbrella Theater,

In a recent acting class, we began the class with a question "What is something that you wish?"  When it came to my turn in the circle, I responded, "Oh, I have lots of things to wish for and don't know what to pick". Noah one of our students stated: "You should wish for one-million dollars!"  "Why is that?"  I countered.  "Because then there would be Pink Umbrella Theaters everywhere!"

What Noah didn't know at that time was one of our wishes had already been granted.  The Pink Umbrella Theater Company is excited to announce a $10,000 Challenge Grant from the Silverstein Family Charitable Fund!  In order for Pink Umbrella Theater to receive these funds, we must raise the same amount in matching funds.  Starting today we have 10 weeks to raise $10,000 and with your donation we will reach our goal to Keep the Umbrella Open. 

With this challenge grant and your matching funds, we will be able to continue to hire professional teaching artists, purchase much needed classroom supplies, fund administrative support and begin the process of producing our own plays in 2020.  

We are humbled by this opportunity and welcome you, your friends and your family to join the Silverstein Family under the Pink Umbrella. 

Thank you in advance for your donation and support,



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