Safety Guidelines

This page provides the most up-to-date health & safety policies for Pink Umbrella Theater Company's in-person classes. All guidelines are based upon the recommendations and from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and developed further through discussions with national and local arts programming providers.  These policies may be adjusted at any time based on new recommendations. 

Please note that our most recent survey to parents and participants had 31 responses. 22 responses asked for vaccines and masking, four asked for no mitigation efforts, and five did not respond to the question: What COVID mitigations would you like in place to feel safe enough to enroll in OUTDOOR Face-to-Face classes? (ex: Vaccines, masking, distancing, etc)

We acknowledge that some of our students are vaccinated, but not all who take classes at Pink Umbrella Theater are able, choose to, or are old enough to be vaccinated.  We feel strongly about ensuring a safe place for everyone under the umbrella, so we will...  

  • Require vaccines for all involved in programming over the age of 5

    • If participant is not vaccinated and over the age of 5, weekly COVID testing is required based upon the following guidelines (See Table 1 Screening Testing Recommendations for K-12 Schools)

  • Maintain 3-6 feet of spatial distancing.

  • Masks** will be optional for students, staff volunteers, interns and anyone within the class structure. (If you choose to wear a mask, they must be fitted over the nose and mouth. The CDC outlines which masks are effective here.)**

**As of 4.29.2022, our county is marked as LOW. If we increase to Medium or High risk, masks will be required instead of optional.


We thank you in advance for your attention and adherence to our guidelines for our upcoming session.  Please read through all materials provided on this website and in your registration and class reminder emails.  

Please note, we will continue to monitor guidelines nationally and locally and update you accordingly.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask by email or 414-507-3511.

Read through these guidelines before attending class.

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