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On a background of many colors there is a picture of the cast and the Pink logo

SHINE! is a story of six people coming out of COVID and emerging back into the community. Unsure and unsteady, they find their way together in this newly devised non-verbal piece.  James Fletcher, writer and director, and Molly Kiefer, movement director, take you on a 45 minute sensory immersive journey through sights and sounds of community, connection and creation.

SHINE! was first created and performed in Summer 2021, one year after the start of the COVID pandemic. Pink Umbrella and the cast and crew of SHINE! are excited to bring this beautiful journey once again to audiences at Summerfest's Northwestern Mutual Community Park.

Show Dates

ENCORE Performance

Sunday, August 7th, 2022

1:00 pm

Northwestern Mutual Community Park Stage

on the Summerfest Grounds


Explore the Story

The word Pinot appears above a red splotch of paint.

Pinot is a reculse, introvert, and a storyteller.

The word Squash appears above an orange splotch of paint.

Squash is adventurous, cautious, and friendly. 

The word Sunshine appears above a yellow splotch of paint.

Sunshine is happy, energetic, and joyful!

The word Pickle appears above a green splotch of paint.

Pickle is artistic, graceful, and adaptive.

The word Indigo appears above a blue splotch of paint.

Indigo is open, accepting, and outgoing.

The word Pepper appears above a purple splotch of paint.

Pepper is comforting, protective, and very free!

Play Synopsis

Social Narrative

Visual Agenda

Meet the Cast

Clayton as Pinot
Garrett as Squash
Jack as Sunshine
Ash as Pickle
Kathryn as Indigo
Ekene as Pepper

Meet the
Cast & Crew

Click through the slideshow to meet the cast and crew of SHINE!

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