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Additional Programs

Are you looking for more arts programs throughout Wisconsin? Learn more below about what our friends and community partners have to offer! Please reach out if you are interested in having your organization listed.

Located in Madison, ARTS for ALL provides programs in dance, drama, creative writing, music, and visual art. They aim to grow the capabilities, confidence, and quality of life for people with disabilities. ARTS for ALL also brings their programs into classrooms, have choirs in multiple cities, and holds art exhibitions for disabled artists to display their creations.

The JCC's Inclusion and Special Needs Program provides important resources for individuals and families. Some of their programs are Students That Are Really Special (STARS), Chaverim, Upstream Arts, and Ability Open Gym. Pink has partnered with the JCC before, and we love working with them!

Located in Hudson, this organization provides community life skills training, employment services, and recreational programs for people with disabilities. Dances, parades, games, movies, and more, BRIDGE offers programs during the day, night, and weekends.

Blossom IDD exists to provide resources, events, and overall support for adults with intellectual disabilities and their families. They also partner with The Cedarburg Mercantile, a handcrafted goods store, to further their mission and goals.

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