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Resource List

Local Organizations

This DHS program is part of Medicaid and doesn't cost anything to join. IRIS provides a budget for goods, support, and services for adults that will help them reach long-term goals.


Family Care is a long-term program for adults with the goal of providing members the services they need to continue living at home. They work with Aging and Disability Resource Centers and Managed Care Organizations to coordinate services.

Family Care

Committed to addressing inequities in Wisconsin's service systems help those with developmental disabilities live their most independent lives. Partners with legislators and businesses, and has a self-determination conference and YouTube channel, grants for grassroots changemakers, and youth leadership programs.

Wisconsin BPDD

Family Voices promotes comprehensive health of individuals and communities to ensure the wellbeing of youth with special needs and their families. They strive to advocate for comprehensive health systems in Wisconsin's overall healthcare support system and services.

family voices

ASSEW supports people with autism spectrum disorders, their families, working professionals, and the community at-large by sharing info, supporting research, and providing networking opportunities, education, and training. They work with families to help determine the best support methods based on their needs. Aside from Southeastern WI, there are seven other Autism Society chapters in Wisconsin!

Autism society

Offers more than 40 classes, workshops, services, home modification options, assistive tech, etc. They encourage empowerment, inclusion, and independence through their programs on awareness, living skills, recreation, benefits counseling, and personal care support.

Independance First

MCFI is a leader in self-directed long-term care services by committing to helping people maintain their independence at home and in their community. They provide programs and services directed at total health, including behavioral health, children's services and schools, employment, and food services.


CLTS uses a Medicaid waiver to fund nonmedical services that help children grow and thrive. It covers support, community integration, physical aids, skills development, and housing.

Wis Dept health services

This governmental office provides information and services (technology, community resources, communication) to individuals and families. They also provide free in-service training, presentations, and consultations. Community Connect meetings with this office are held on the first Thursday of each month!

Office for the deaf

People First WI is a self-advocacy organization to help those with disabilities learn to speak up, share ideas, create friendships, and provide information. Their members meet quarterly with the Governor's office to discuss issues like healthcare, voting, employment, housing, and transportation. They have 23 chapters throughout the state!

People First Wisconsin

This organization works to protect the rights of people with disabilities through advocacy and legal help. Their current programs center around protection, victim advocacy, benefits specialist training, drug helplines, and managed care.

disiblity rights

DSAW provides support to families and individuals with Down Syndrome and related disabilities through awareness, education, programs, and services. Their goal is to have full acceptance and access for those with Down Syndrome and their families. They also have classes and groups!


This center in Milwaukee County provides free information and assistance on community resources and services for adults. They also assist in short and long-term needs planning, access to support, enrollment counseling, and have disability benefits specialists.


This program is housed with the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. They help families of children with disabilities by increasing options for inclusive childcare and providing case management services and community resources.

Wisconsin Dept of Children and families

National Organizations

Grassroots disability rights organization run by and for autistic people to create a world with equal access, rights, and opportunities. Empowering autistic people across the world.


Ensuring the arts are accessible to all. VSA provides resources, programs, and opportunities for educators, administrators, artists, and performers with disabilities.

As the only legally-based advocacy organization established by Congress, NDRN works to promote training and technical assistance and laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities.

Disability rights
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