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Alternating red and white stripes come toward the center framing information about Bigger Top


At the start of the play Boom, the ringmaster, is encouraging a young artist, Hum, to find their place in the circus.  The secret is...Hum already knows where they belong. This show will take you on a sensory journey through advocacy, understanding and acceptance.

The location is accessible, every show is Sensory Friendly, audio descriptions are available, and ASL interpreters from Interpreting Solutions will be there on Sunday, August 14th at 2:00 pm. If you have any access needs, please reach out to us at

This show is written with ages 4-8 in mind but as always, you are welcome at any age

Under the Umbrella.

Alternating red and white stripes start at the center and spread out.

Show Dates

All performances will take place at Christ Church Episcopal located at 5655 N Lake Drive, Whitefish Bay.  Street parking is available in the neighborhood.

The performance will be outside.  Masks, vaccines and/or negative COVID tests are strongly encouraged for all in attendance. We honor that there are members of our audience who are unable to receive the vaccine and we ask that you remain masked throughout the performance. 

Ticket sales are for everyone in your party. Only 1 ticket is needed.

There are three different pricing options.

Barrier Free = tickets for everyone in your party free of charge

One for Us, Please = $25 for everyone in your party to attend

Pay it Forward! = $50 for everyone in your party to attend and for another party to attend free of charge.

Ex: I have four people who would like to see the show. I RSVP for "one ticket" and can pick from any of the three categories above. I will then fill out the prompts and tickets will be ready for me to pick up at the door on the day of the performance.

The pricing levels are offered through a generous donation from the 

Rosmann Family Foundation

Alternating red and white stripes start at the center and expand outward.

Explore the Story

A costume rendering of BOOM. He wears a red vest, pants and a shirt that is black and white striped.

Boom is the ringleader of the circus. He keeps things moving!

A costume rendering of HONK. He wears a bowler hat and pants that are green and gold.

Honk is one of the clowns in the circus. He is fun and funny!

A costume rendering of HUM. They wear overalls covered in paint.

Hum is a visual artist.  They like to listen to music and are the youngest member of the circus.

A costume rendering of POP> She wears a hat and a turquoise jumper.

Pop is bubbly, energetic and playful! She is a dancer and juggler.

A costume rendering of Tick Tock. She wears a green bolero and has purple pants. She uses wheels.

Tick Tock is an animal handler and loves helping people

A costume rendering of SQUEAK and SQUAWK.  They are in black and white jumpers.

Squawk is fun, fantastic and calm.

Squeak is supportive and inclusive and loves Strawberry Jam.

Costume Design by Kristina Van Slyke

Play Synopsis

Visual Agenda

Social Narrative

Alternating red and white stripes expand outward from the center.

Meet the Cast

Amanda introduces Tick Tock
Ash introduces Pop
Clayton introduces Boom
Jack introduces Honk
Jasper introduces Squawk
Kendra introduces Squeak
Michael introduces Hum
Red and white stripes alternate from the center outward.

Cast & Crew Info

Click through the slideshow to meet the cast and crew of BIGGER TOP

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