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Musical Theater & Me!

ages 8 - Adult

Downloadable content available, always

Miss Giana takes you on a musical theater journey featuring songs from the happiest place on Earth.  This downloadable series teaches vocals, acting and dancing.  Once downloaded, the video and accompanying lessons are yours to enjoy for all time.  These lessons are for the young AND the young at heart!

$100 for all 10 lessons

$12 for 1 lesson

Dance 101

ages 8 - Adult

Downloadable content available, always

Miss Giana teaches you the basics of Dance in this eight video lesson package. The first lesson is Technique which breaks down terminology and steps.  The second lesson is Choreography where you will put your skills to work!  This bundle secures lessons for Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip Hop. These lessons are designed for all movers ages 8+.

$40 for all 8 lessons

$12 per combo

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