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Summer Schedule - table view

Scroll through the Class Catalogue and download a table view of our summer schedule too!

One-to-One Coaching

1-1 Coaching with Amanda ages 8-Adult

Offered Mondays and Fridays

Students will engage in one-to-one vocal lessons. Learn proper breath support, posture and everything else it takes to sing! Bring your favorite song or expand your repertoire. It's up to you!


1-1 Coaching with Giana ages 8-adult

Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays

Musical Theater Dance: Students will explore dance through the lens of musical theater. Each class will include embodied practice of warm ups, technique, and choreography designed to serve the needs and interests of each student.

Found Puppetry: Students will explore how to use objects in their very own space to create puppets! Students will learn about how to create their own puppet characters and stories through puppetry building and performance techniques.


1-1 Coaching with Mitch ages 13-adult

Offered Fridays

Explore character development, monologues and scene work each week. Learn how to connect with and create a character and make big bold acting choices in whatever role you have to play.

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Ensemble Classes

Course work developed for each age group.  New curriculum each week!

Image by Monika Kozub

Students in this class will focus on being "in the moment."  Actors will engage in games and exercises to hone the skills of presence, mindfulness and relaxation, and building community.  Theater is a reflection of life and students will easily transfer these skills to every day situations.

Movement is just one way to express your thoughts and feelings as characters in a play.  Students will engage their body,  enhance their imagination and explore new ways to express themselves through movement.

Actors on Stage

Found Puppetry

ages 13-18

Students will explore how to use objects in their very own space to create puppets! Students will learn about how to create their own puppet characters and stories through puppetry building and performance techniques.

Musical Theater

ages 13-18

Students will combine singing, dancing and acting to create dynamic characters each week!  Learning vocal technique and movement increases confidence, creativity and connection.

Image by Danielle Cerullo
Image by Kyle Head


ages 18+

Students in this course will work on a variety of scenes and explore storytelling by finding the heart of the character. Targets for this class are to gain confidence, increase verbal and non-verbal communication skills and explore empathy.

Musical Theater & Me!

ages 8 - Adult

Don't have time to commit to a full week of classes?  Never fear! Musical Theater is here!  Each week teaching artist, Giana Blazquez, will release a stand alone lesson featuring songs from the happiest place on Earth!  Once downloaded, the video and accompanying lessons are yours to enjoy for all time!  These lessons are for the young AND the young at heart!

Reserve your spot today.  


Summer Family Series

Pink Umbrella Theater has always planned on including programming for families.  There is no better time than the present to engage everyone in our community!

Pink Pop Up

Calling all Parents, Caregivers & Guardians!

Pink Pop Up is a space where we can talk, share, and learn together about diverse topics that impact the lives of our children and families. Mary Stone, Pink Umbrella's Director of Accessibility and Inclusion, will facilitate these engaging session and bring her experience in the disability community as a parent, special education teacher, college lecturer, special education family advocate and author.


We have guest speakers lined up and want to hear your ideas for topics to discuss and make this a space filled with learning, connection, and support.


Come join us, as you are, every other week on Zoom!

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Pink in a Box!

ages 4-8 + caregiver

An at-home experience delivered to your door! Pink in a Box creates memorable story experiences for students ages 4-8, their parents, and siblings. Families will receive a pink box filled with sensory immersive materials for an engaging exploration of a story, facilitated live through Zoom each week. This class develops social-emotional awareness, breath and mindfulness for relaxation, enhanced bonds between household members, and a sense of kindness, confidence, and community for all participants.

Calling all siblings to stretch their musical theater skills!  This class combines singing, dancing and acting.  Students will create dynamic characters, explore dance technique and find their voice through a variety of theater exercises. Get ready to engage in the best songs that Broadway has to offer!

Image by 丁亦然


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